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Progress and the Future

The emPOWERment project has become an internationally recognized nonprofit, winning the International Trade Council’s Business of the Year Going Global Award in the social services category in Chicago at ITC’s 2019 Think Global Conference. EP’s message of individual value, self-respect, and respect of others resonated with individuals from all over the world. 

In response to the interest we have received from other school districts, parents, individuals, and distributors eager to learn more about our successful program, we began filming our program in 2019.

This new delivery system will enable us to provide schools across the country and beyond with a powerful learning package, the EP POWER BOX. It will include EP program DVDs and the Instructor Guide as well as communication tools, supplemental material, and resource recommendations.

We also anticipate that the EP program will ultimately be available on the EP YouTube channel.

Emerging from the dark days of the pandemic, we expect to complete the filming of the now 14-session EP program through Zoom sessions during the first half of 2022. Outstanding athletes will be joining us as guest speakers for our Respect and Sports session.

The co-founder of a Rwandan orphan sponsorship program, will talk with students during Steps to Respect: Walking in Another’s Shoes.

A Power of One session will be led by Ferial Pearson—the author of the book Secret Kindness Agents, a TED Talk presenter, and the starter of a kindness movement. Cross cultural awareness will be a new focus in EP classes.

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