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Respect and Manners at School and Work sessions involve creative instruction and dynamic student interaction, which effectively increase awareness and reinforce learning. Opening communication exercises, such as the one seen in the following video, stimulate honest and respectful discussion involving all students and create an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.

Each week's activities focus on a new topic: respectful behavior, conflict resolution, sports protocol, etiquette, and more. Every activity is designed to help students:

  • Understand why they are worthy of self-respect and the respect of others
  • Understand why other individuals are worthy of respect
  • Act confidently and appropriately in a variety of situations
  • Understand the benefits of self-respect and respectful behavior
  • Raise their expectations of personal success
  • Create a positive and encouraging learning atmosphere
  • Identify what respectful behavior looks like

Guest speakers are a valuable part of most classes. Students appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk with role models who have overcome hardships and achieved success.

The respect and manners at school and work program typically culminates in an off-site luncheon where students can practice new manners in real time. The luncheon speaker inspires student achievement by sharing stories of their own personal triumphs over adversity.

During the emPOWERment project program, students learn to respect themselves and others. As a result, these students form a habit of demonstrating respect in every interaction.

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