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“It was a great experience!" That's the consensus of students and teachers about the program, Respect and Manners at School and Work. Week after week, students spontaneously became more patient, more respectful, and more appreciative of each other, and, as they wrote on their evaluations, learned valuable lessons.

  • You have to give respect to get it.
  • I have to use respect all the time.
  • To be my best, one second at a time.

Teachers' positive evaluations stated:

  • Students became more confident and polite.
  • Though the students had fun, they also knew they had learned important skills that would stay with them.

Read student and teacher responses to the program in their own words.


Teacher Evaluation Comments

“Wow! I love the course. The students seem to be very engaged. They look forward to class each session.”

“The students seem more patient with each other... more confident in their ability to know what to do in a social situation.”

“Love the method of presentation. So CALMING. Super for our students....”

4th–7th Grade Student Evaluations

Questions and Comments

What did you like best about the classes?

  • I can learn to be good!
  • I got to learn more about myself.
  • Learning to be a better person.
  • They helped me be more caring.
  • Learning to do good things.

What will you remember most?

  • That you can really shine.
  • I will remember the manners.
  • To be good.
  • To help others.
  • When we discussed POWER Qualities.
  • What it takes to have POWER qualities.
  • When we shook the adults’ hands.

What did you learn that you have already started to use?

  • I learned respect for myself not only for others.
  • I have started to use my manners.
  • To look at the good things about a person not the bad things.
  • To be kind.
  • How to be myself.

Have you seen your attitude and behavior change because of these sessions?

  • Yes, because they have made me more giving and respectful and thankful.
  • Yes, now I am good.
  • Yes, because I really didn’t care about manners at first until this class.
  • Yes, because I’m more considerate of others perspectives.
  • Yes, I am more respectful to the teachers.
  • Yes, because now I know the proper way to eat.
  • Yes, I have seen that I have more respect for my friends.
  • I have seen my attitude change because I am respectful, and I am quiet.
  • Yeah. I was polite and respectful and didn’t have an attitude.

What have you learned that will help you in the future?

  • The different respect qualities that we all share.
  • That you must be responsible to have a good career.
  • Do the best you can.
  • I learned you should always make good choices.
  • It’s okay to make new friends and talk with people.

Favorite sessions:

  • “Self-Respect and Self-Confidence” because now I know I need to respect myself.
  • “Respectful Relationships” is one of my favorites because it taught how you can [have] a good relationship with others.
  • "Making Good Decisions" because it helped me be a better person.
  • “Respectful Relationships” so we won’t be in a relationship we will regret.
  • “Making Good Decisions” because if you make bad decisions it will mess with your life. “Manners for Life” because I know how to use them now and it was fun.
  • “Making Good Decisions” because if you make the right decision in hard times it can take you far in life and help fulfill your dream.
  • “Giving and Receiving Compliments and Apologies” because I didn’t know how to give an apology.
  • “Making Good Decisions” so in the future I won’t get into any trouble.
  • “Making Good Decisions” – You have to make good decisions to succeed in life.
  • “Manners for Life” because it teaches you something that you will actually remember for life.”
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